When it comes to fashion and style, everyone is different. You can replicate it; however, when it comes to carrying it off, it differs from individual to individual. Your body is the ultimate accessory when it comes to fashion, and you are its canvas. If you struggle to comprehend how to dress your body shape, it hampers creativity and often highlights insecurities making you feel frustrated and convinced that you have limited options.

Remi Landau is a fashion designer in New York. She creates new designs for her company’s social nightwear line. When she completes a design, it is later made into a sample for her upcoming clothing line.

To work successfully in this role, she leverages her special background in the entertainment and legal industries. When studying for her Bachelor’s degree from the Syracuse University, she was an intern in companies that dealt with entertainment and law.

A talented professional

Both of these companies permitted her to collaborate with marketing and editorial teams. She also directly worked with clients to make sure they were attended to well and comfortable enough to meet their needs and expectations. She has been associated with esteemed names like Bergdorf Goodman and Harper’s Bazaar in the past.

Fashion struggles with your body

Coming back to fashion and body shape, she says that understanding it does not mean-

  1. Making it, all go wrong
  2. Finding faults in yourself to look better and
  3. Working yourself to such an extend to look ideal for someone else.

To understand the shape of your body and dress it correctly, you should know its right proportions. You must understand how your body translates to specific designs of clothes. This should help you take the integral step when it comes to making smart choices and making lesser mistakes with shopping that frustrate you in the end.

Your body will change as you age

You must understand the basic rule that your body is the way it is and changes as you age. You need to learn to accept this fact to make prudent fashion choices that make you look and feel good.

Grooming also plays an integral role in fashion. Make sure you exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet. Take care of your skin and hair. This largely helps you to have a pleasing appearance. With fashion, seek help with styling accessories. This will help you to complete the look. You do not have to hire a personal stylist for the job; there are plenty of credible resources online to help you out.

Remi Landau says that she has helped customers and clients make smart fashion choices. However, the key here is to learn to work with what you like to wear. Once you understand this basic concept, you can create a unique fashion style and a sense that inspires others. In short, women that know how to work with their bodies can flatter them correctly and make heads turn wherever they go!